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Cycling in Thailand: Some Beautiful Parks

OK, so we know that Thailand is one of the top tourist destination places in the world. And let me tell you, there are some absolutely amazing parks in this beautiful country. And it is a please to bike ride here.

We traveled during the low season in Thailand, which caused it to rain more often. But it still was a great trip. If you want it to be more sunny in Thailand then I don't recommened you to cme then. It would probably better to come in the high season. source:

Thailand is really a beautiful places. And there is so much written on Thailand around the web.

My trip begins on October 18th in Bangkok and I will also go to nearby cities to relax and unwind. Will update you guys soon.

Ok so I am glad to say that my trip to Thailand is amazing. Weather was good, food was amazing, and I even go to do some extra sight seeing around some of the less known cities.

But to be honest, I had a hard time in Bangkok. I ended up getting food poisoning and it was no fun. I had to go see a doctor at the Hospital near Sukhumvit. So my cycle plans got ruined a bit. But I had to suck it up as my trip was important to me. I didn't get to see Pattaya this time around. Compared to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam it is not that different, you know the typical Asian city.

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