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Summer Time Vacationing in Ho Chi Minh City

If you have never been to Vietnam I high recommend it. Wow. Just talk about culture shock. Good Food, friendly people, and simply amazing scenery.

This place is really incredible. But let me warn you, the traffic is a bit crazy though. And lots of motor bikes all over the place. If you have been to Asia then you probably already know what I mean. There is always so many people that use motor bikes.

But Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is really great for all travelers. The reason being is that it has many things to keep you occupied. If you like history and all the French influenced buildings then you will really appreciate the ambiance of this place. And many travelers come here to experience exactly this. Yes, the french have left there mark here, but now it is infused with the Vietnamese modern culture. And it is really something special, especially from a tourists perspective. My vietnamese girlfriend loved cycling there.

Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam has two main districts that are more popular among foreign travelers. They are District 1 and District 2. These areas are the most recommended since they allow tourists to experience the Vietnam culture the easiest and safest way. You will find that many shops and restaurants, and venues have many foreigners in them. Read this Ho Chi Minh comparison article.

And you should also know that Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest that you will ever meet. So I really do recommend Ho Chi Minh city. And I will be sure to visit again. If you are wondering whether or not to visit this place I highly suggest it.

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Till next time. Enjoy your journey :)

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