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Gay Friendly Events

In todays world, we recognize the importance of supporting equal gay rights. This also means that we look forward to our gay events in cycling and traveling, especially since some of our gay readers have given us suggestions about having gay friendly cycle groups.


On this page we wanted to further explore this topic, and also list some potential events that we may have coming up that is gay friendly. My partner has a ladyboys friend from Thailand who we like to go bike riding with when in town. a great site to view is


It must also be said that certain cities we travel are more gay friendly then others, with having many hotels in the LGTBQ communities that support such matters.


Supporting Gay Friendly Issues is A Priority These Days


Within our cycle groups, we must also support such important matters, especially since now in 2020, the gay rights communities have succeeded in their goals and objectives, in creating an acceptance among people.


The LGTBQ and ladyboy scene has evolved to such a degree in the major cities such as Bangkok and Thailand -- all around the world. supporting such gay friendly issues is now the norm, and not the exception. This is a wonderful thing, since the new generation of people, especially children, can grow up with a more accepting nature, that all human beings are equal, regardless of their gender preference.


Stay tuned, since we will be listing our gay friendly events, and cycle groups when we travel to the most popular cities for cycle events. We know that there are many avid cyclers in the LGTBQ communities and we welcome them all.

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