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Why I Never Liked Biking in Pattaya

We all know that Pattaya is an amazing place. Yes it is known as the sex capital of the world, and I know that it can be fun. Many of my friends recommended that I visit this city in Thailand, and even experience some of the nightlife.


But my main focus is on cycling. And the truth is that Pattaya is not the best place for that. The infrastructure is simply not there. The only place it can be ok is on Beach road. But even then it gets so busy that it is not something I recommend. The beer bars and red light districts, are a bit too much at times. the hotels are not that bad, and many of them are actually guest friendly hotels (Source). yes, that means you can bring back any guest without paying extra.


Yes I do like female company, and even might have some fun with the bar girls, but the nightife in Pattaya is sometimes too much to handle. Everything is always right in your face.


I will say one thing though, walking street can be fun. The whole street becomes alive at night. But it is not a place to go biking. Simply put there are too many people around. And the whole street is full of flocking tourists trying to experience this crazy city in Thailand. Pattaya might be too much to handle for some people.


But in all fairness, once you go to Naklua or Jomtien, you will find that it can have some nice parks and relaxing streets to go cycling. So in that sense it can be ok, and fun.

But South Pattaya is a whole other story, and maybe even too much to handle. As I said before, these are just my viewpoints, and they should be taken lightly. I mean, maybe you will enjoy Pattaya better than I did. I know that my friends love it, and visit the place every few years or so. So maybe in the future I will start to like it more. It does have amazing Thai food there, so that it is a big bonus for me.


And the sunset on Beach Road is also one of the nicer things about the place. One of my favorite things to do there is just relax by the beach, get a nice cold drink, and take it in the sites and sounds. But not on my bike!. Just too many people there. Until next time...

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