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My Vietnamese Girlfriend Used to Love Biking in Hanoi

Looking back at it now, I can easily recall that my Vietnamese girlfriend used to love bike riding in the amazing city of Hanoi in Vietnam. Dating her was an amazing experience. Actually I learned alot of dating tips from this site here.

We used to go to the starbucks first on our bikes dates, drink our latte talk a bit to the foreigners. You would be surprised but there are plenty of foreigners in Vietnam that like biking in the streets. But they get afraid sometimes as they think it is dangerous.

But Hanoi is fun, and I still remember how lovely those Vietnamese girls were when I first arrived. The women in Hanoi are no secret. They are fun, and generally very healthy. I did not see many Vietnamese girls smoking or drinking too much. And I never ended up Visiting any of Hanois Red light districts.

My only prior cycling expertise used to be a 3-day quest down Vietnams west Coast, and clearly it is little one’s play compared to huge task of riding by way of Vietnam.

But we loved doing it. It opened ourselves up to new prospects and enjoyed the problem-both physically and psychologically someway, beyond any affordable expectations, it made us stronger.

We both rode over 768 kilometeres fromTrang to the popular Ho Chi Minh City, and although it was to be one of the crucial challenging things of our lives, we wanted to experience Vietnam another way.

Yes it is a bit of physical strength and an entire lot of willpower, but that’s about it. After all, you would possibly want some cyclists and accessories and want to feel the place to go and find out how to do it.

Don’t worry-we’ve bought you lined below. And actually, those are all just added things to see.

In case you’re curious about seeing the locals from the biker’s mind, then that is the information for you. Meaning thatit is specifically for Vietnam, but numerous the information are relevant for bike riding wherever! Take care and comfortable cycling!


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