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Taking a Seoul Girl on a Cycling Date - Great Idea!

Biking is one of the most rewarding methods so that you can get pleasure from Seoul. And it is also a gret dating idea for you single guys that want to get involved with the women in Seoul.

Now many actually might not that the girls in Seoul also like to enjoy cycling. And this is great for you single men like me. It is a great oppurtunity to meet lovely Korean single women while sharing the same hobby.

The Korean authorities invested a tremendous amount of cash in cyclying indusrty. Using these trails are secure methods to explore and exercise.

The entire Riverside Bike Trail system is about 1800 KM along the Major Rivers. The superior views and sights alongside the trails, cheap locations to snack and also plenty of camo sites. Simply search Rivers Trails and so much of data will show up. I recommend a Seoul journey alongside portions River Trail.

This is also makes a romantic date idea. Take one of the lovely girls you meet in Seoul out on a cycling date. My buddy actually tried this the other day and him and his girl had an amazing time. The best thing is to have an open mind when it comes to these girls in Korea.

The Seoul Girls will love this. Trust me!

Follow these helpful tips to assure your good day of biking:

Check your Bike First
1 minute examine of the bike will forestall endless times of sadness whereas riding. Verify that your tires are freed from wobbles, wheels for proper PSI, treads leaks lodged in the rubber from previous rides, your brakes are important!, check that your chain is moving fluidly.

bike lights are mandatory if using at night time and the horn is very recommended gear to keep away from undesirable collisions. Make sure that your lights and noise devices are working correctly and have enough battery power before you begin your ride.

In Seoul, in the event you do find an issue along with your bicycle, local bike shops present quick, friendly and inexpensive bike overhauls, and tip for providers is not necessary.

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